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SIDERMES produces a broad range of  SUPERTEMP Chromel (Ni-Cr alloy)/Alumel (Ni-Al alloy) immersion thermocouples, K-type thermocouples used to measure non-ferrous melted metal in all possible applications; the SUPERTEMP thermocouples of type S may also be used.
Upon request, the metal overcap may be supplied in steel, aluminum, copper or bronze.
The SIDERMES immersion thermocouples are produced in accordance with quality standard ISO 9001:2008.
They are compatible and interchangeable with the most widespread connection and instrument systems on the market.
In addition to the traditional thermocouples, SIDERMES supplies special thermocouples constructed with non-splash material in order to avoid splashes and turbulence during immersion thereby increasing operator safety and quality.

linea non ferrosi sensori termocoppie

Measurement of free oxygen in melted copper baths

Our TOX/CU probes measure the temperature and ppm or free oxygen in molten copper, in less than 10 seconds.
The two mV signals generated by the TOX/CU probes are transmitted to the device, processed and visualized so as to display the values of temperature and ppm of free oxygen.
In comparison with lab analysis, the TOX/CU sensor results in a rapid oxygen value, saving time and ensuring on-line quality control.

linea non ferrosi Misura di ossigeno libero in bagni di rame fuso

Thermal analysis capsules

Easy to use, the thermal analysis cups SUPERAL used with our ALUDELTA device are designed to achieve fast and reliable results from the thermal analysis of aluminum alloys. The high precision K-type thermocouples (Chromel/Alumel) provide measurement of the change in structure and control of the grain refining in just two minutes. Also, SUPERCARB T cups are available for special low temperature non-Ferrous applications.

linea non ferrosi capsule per analisi termica


The SUPERSAMP samplers have been designed for fast, safe and direct sampling; various versions are available, so that the most specific and easy sampling procedure and metal analysis can be achieved for every application.
They provide the user with a representative sample of the liquid bath which is ready for chemical analysis following a quick surface cleaning. The lab preparation time is minimized by the special design of these samplers.

linea non ferrosi campionatori