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SIDERMES produces a broad range of platinum-platinum/rhodium (Pt-Pt/Rh) immersion thermocouples used to measure the temperature of molten metal for all applications. The SUPERTEMP immersion thermocouples are produced pursuant to the IPTS 68 and ITS 90 standards.
T The SIDERMES immersion thermocouples are produced in accordance with quality standard ISO 9001:2008. They are compatible and interchangeable with the most widespread connection and instrument systems on the market.
In addition to the traditional thermocouples, SIDERMES supplies special thermocouples constructed with non-splash material in order to avoid splashes and turbulence during immersion thereby increasing operator safety and quality.

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Capsules for thermal analysis

Easy to use, the SUPERCARB cups for thermal analysis are designed to achieve fast and reliable results by means of high precision thermocouples type K (Chromel / Alumel) or S (Pt-Pt/Rh10%) measuring the cooling curve and determining the %C of the liquid metal.
The SUPERCARB S cups measure the %C in steel, while the SUPERCARB T or K cups measure the %CE, %C, and %Si (or morphology) in cast iron.

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The SUPERSAMP samplers are designed for fast, safe, and economical molten metal sampling; various versions are available, so that the most specific and easiest sampling and metal analysis procedure can be followed for all applications. They provide the user with a representative sample of the molten metal which, after a rapid surface cleaning, is ready for the chemical analysis. The lab preparation time is minimized by the special design of these samplers.

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